insightful nuance (corporate_pal) wrote,
insightful nuance

im gonna pull you in close...

yes, i saw interpol last night at First ave, Minneapolis. i arrived with a sizable respect for their music, and left with a serious case of bassist hero worship. haha. he stood next to me, watching one of the opening bands, completely unaware i was struggling to keep myself from saying something stupid. "hey, love the bass." "you play purty." "are you related to johnny greenwood?"

i whispered into the ear of my friend, with discretion, that i was standing next to "the bassist", to which he replied "kick his ass." hahaha.

the case of hero worship is not due to the fact that i stood next to the guy for awhile. i really like his basslines and he's got a great stage presence.

the show was quite good. the vocals were a little hoarse but what can one expect? we got to hear a new song, after which some idiot on the 2nd floor screamed "just play the good stuff!" hopefully someone revoked his right to speak. also, i did not realize that interpol has a keyboardist. the guy seemed really into his music, working up a fair sweat. however, i heard absolutely nothing that was not guitar, drum, or vocally derived. oh, and he looked like meatloaf, which was cool.

on a humorous turn, i wasnt aware that 1st ave's women's bathroom is called "the vip lounge." there were no doors, and as we stood by the entry i stared in, wondering if we could have a look around. i immediately realized my mistake when i received the "you pervert" look from an exiting girl. oops:)
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