insightful nuance (corporate_pal) wrote,
insightful nuance

--Public Notice--

pete takes a shot long shot of testosterone i have drank so much beer he says and i can still crush your skull you little pussy grabs his son's collar bone tears it out replaces it backward pete laughs and starts fixing his truck getin' cold out here he screams puts on his warmcoat collection of whole dead animals stapled nailed screwed together weighs nearly eightyfive pounds ahh thats better tan young woman walks along sidwalk pete pivots and displays himself flexing his neck picking up wrench at such an angle as to display his biceps oh hi miss i didnt notice you there heh heh pete pulls big truck out of his drive way tires squish over the vomit young girl left earlier on the sidewalk as greeting as small sedan passes pete on highway he feels immense pain his head his cerebrum is crushed against the bottom of his skull as backbrain forces its way to the front of cavity disconnects eye sockets reconnects vital nerve pathways takes complete control thick hairs on neck and back stiffen roar jumps out of car heels strike asphalt propelling torso to ground at a ridiculous speed yes he is hurt he spots sheltering overgrown weeds in ditch drags his knuckles against ground truck drives through the first floor of an apartment complex he never sees again lies down in weeds pete licks his wounds mating call echos for miles life insurance pays off double for wife and kids move to arizona
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